JointForTekla (JFT) is a software aimed at the structural verification of steel connections, according to the ‘EC3 and AISC in Environment TeklaStructures 2018th

The software is closely related to TeklaStructures. Without it cannot work and using all the potential of three-dimensional modeling, it uses the information of the connections from the TeklaStructures model and uses them to proceed to the numerical verification of the selected node according to the EC3 and AISC and subsequent report results.

The JointForTekla software checks the joints of the following types: 11, 141, 142, 143, 144, 27, 42, 77, 14, 124, 128, 40, 1014, 1052;

The main potentials of JointForTekla include the following:

Immediate data input, from TeklaStructures data;
possibility to extract external data from files, the values of infinite load combinations;
possibility of collecting data from the MidasGen structural model;

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