ABCjoints – Professional


Verification of connections in steel structures according to EC3

ABCjoints was developed using the new techniques of objects-oriented programming, according to Microsoft standards. It uses a brand new graphic engine that allows the modification of all the elements that make up the connection.

It has an initial window from where you can access the various individual single and separate procedures, one for each type of connection.

There are three versions of the software. An editorial version that contains seven separate procedures that summarize the main connection that are statistically most frequently used in the design of steel structures, a professional version that contains further less frequent design procedures, such as connections to box-like, tubular, etc., for the Italian market and a third version in multi-lingual and multinormative for the international market (AISC, IS, etc.) which is under development. The software has an input sheet for inserting loads without limits in the number of combinations.

It allows the copy paste from excel allowing the input of the solicitations taking them from an excel sheet created manually or from the major structural modeling software like Staad, Sap2000, Midas etc.

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