ABCjoints Professional

Ver. of 18 March 2017

Verification of connections

in steel structures according to EC3

The software was developed using the new techniques of objects-oriented programming, according to Microsoft standards. It has an initial window from where you can access the various individual single and separate procedures, one for each type of connection.

Typologies available are

– Connection hinged with plate (beam-column);

– Connection hinged with angular (beam-column);

– Connection foundation H profiles;

– joint covers of H profiles;

– Connection of continuity with joint coverss of H profiles;

– Procedure for the  single and autonomous verification of bolts;

– Procedure for the  single and autonomous verification of welds;

– Connection foundation column CHS;

– Continuity connection with plate to CHS profiles;

– Reticular connection profiles RHS;

– Continuity connection with plate on H-profiles;

– connection foundation profiles RHS;

– Hinge connection with head plate (beam – beam);

– Hinge connection con angular (beam – beam);

– Connection with plate on the head



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